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The East Chop Association

History of the East Chop Association

The East Chop Association's origin goes back to those early days when the Vineyard Grove Company laid out lots in the "Highlands" and designated certain areas as "parks". When this company was bought out by an off-island syndicate about 1930, several East Chop owners formed the Highlands Property Trust which bought the park properties. Finally, in 1941, the East Chop Association, Inc evolved, gained non-profit status a few years ago, and today holds deeds to all various parks and properties. Since then, the Association has received donations of additional lands from several individuals. The deeds and bylaws of the organization state that these East Chop Association holdings will forever remain as open space, never to be sold.

The East Chop Association Today

Today the Association owns some 12 parks, several small plots, Crystal Lake, and the Bluffs -- in all some 25-plus acres. Crystal Lake was acquired through solicitation of funds from members in the early 70's and then donated to the Association. One exceptional holding is the historic Baptist Temple Park, dating from the days when East Chop was envisioned to be another Camp Meeting Ground. The parks are located throughout East Chop, and most are identified by distinctive signs. For a map of the locations of the parks, click this link which doesn't exist yet.

Purposes of the East Chop Association

One of the Association's main purposes is to oversee and maintain its properties, all of which add to the beauty and comfortable ambience of East Chop. Over the years, the parks have been maintained by a volunteer staff of dedicated individuals. In addition, we monitor municipal and environmental concerns of local impact. Ongoing projects are the continual erosion of the Bluffs and the water quality of Crystal Lake. Funding of all work is provided entirely by membership dues and donations.

Organization of the Association

An elected slate of officers and board of directors, with input from the membership, govern the organization. Membership meetings are held twice each summer.

Join the East Chop Association!

The East Chop Association welcomes all residents, and invites those owners or renters who are not already members to join. To do so, please send your name, summer address, winter address if different with a $25 tax deductible membership fee to:

The East Chop Association

P.O. Box 1916

Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

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