East Chop Beach Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. How do I login for the first time?

A. Go back to the home page and click on forgot password in the upper right corner.  Type in your email and the code you're given; a temporary password will be sent to your email address. Make sure you copy and paste the temporary password code. We suggest you follow the prompts to change the password to something you can remember.  Click here for more detailed instructions

Q. What do I do if the website doesn't recognize my email address?

A. Email Robin Ewald, Website Administrator  

Q. Why do I have to login? I never had to do that before.

A. The ECBC/ECYC website now offers many more features than our previous site.  Login is required to access any pages that contain member information such as names and addresses

Q. How do I change my password?

A. Log in, click the Change Password link on the homepage (top right corner), enter your current password then new password as instructed.

Q.  Why can't someone just email my password to me if I forgot it?

A. To ensure your privacy and security, passwords are never visible; clicking on forgot password will initiate an email  so you can reset a forgotten password (see above). Click here to contact Robin Ewald, website administrator      if the email address on file seems to be incorrect.

Q.  How do I update my profile?

A. After logging in, click on the View Profile link (upper right corner).  Click on the gray Edit Profile button in the middle of       the page, type in your edits then click save.  Click here to contact Robin Ewald, website administrator, if you have any difficulty or questions

Q. How do I search for other  members using the online directory?

A. Login, hover over the Members Only tab, then scroll down and click on Directory.  Enter the member name you're looking for in the search box then scroll down if you're provided with a list (common names will yield a short list to choose from)

Q. My profile lists me as a bundle administrator, what does that mean?

A. Family (and Junior Family) memberships were "bundled" in the database; that allowed us to add a second email         address for each family but assures that the family membership is only counted and billed once. Without the bundle, every contact/email address would be counted as a separate member.  The first email address in our database became the bundle administrator for that family.  Contact Robin Ewald, website administrator, if you want to make changes to your bundle.

 Q. What is a forum?

A. A forum is a way for ECBC members (you must log in first) to communicate online.  Feel free to ask questions (i.e. can anyone recommend a good plumber?, does anyone have a portable crib my out-of-town guests can borrow next week?, etc) advertise items (classifieds, free-cycle items, etc) or advertise services you or another ECBC  family member can provide. This feature is for members only and can only be used after login.

Q. Can forums be automatically emailed to me?

A. Yes they can! Log in, hover over the members only tab then click on the forum sub-pages; click on subscribe to forum 

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